Where are you from?

Hi! I'm Eric State from Groningen, the Netherlands. Groningen is a dynamic city of around 200.000 people with a lot of bicycles of course, but mainly a lot of students. Groningen houses 60.000 of them. And students just love the nightlife there, as does the whole country. Countless pubs, bars and clubs. It's was a very good ecosystem for developing my dj talent to where it is now. I've had two earlier residencies: de Drie Gezusters Upstairs, beachclub Ocean41 and currently I'm resident dj at Twister, one of the clubs in Groningen. I also played abroad for periods of time in a variety of clubs.
Describe your sound:
My sets can best be described as commercial dance and house music, mostly new or new-ish, but I'm not shy of playing a big 90s anthem either. It all comes down to the crowd. Being able to read a crowd is essential for a dj to deliver a good atmosphere. So my rekordbox is filled with several genres of house and other edm styles, tracks that you'll hear at bigger festivals and around radio stations serving the young ear. But I never sound like radio! I release energy, raise hands and mix music flawlessly. Along the way, I'd like to smile and have a good time doing all that!
Tell us about your latest track:
Let me first make one thing very clear. Eric State consists of 2 people. You are talking to 50% of Eric State right now. I'm the DJ, the music producer is a close friend of mine, Ronald.

Who inspires you?

In the business I'm inspired by Sam Feldt. Some of his tracks are so ridiculously well produced in my opinion. For example: Sensational, one of his tracks. It's a remake of Loleatta Holloway's 'Love Sensation'.
The way the horn section blends together with the rest he put in that track… Amazing. Also, the way he interacts on-stage and online is something I can really dig.

Where do you see your career in 5 years?

In 5 years I'd like to see my dj-career seriously taking off. Frequently dj'ing globally is ofcourse, the dream. When I'm older I don't want to ask myself 'What if?', so I'm gonna go and chase that one. Together with Ronald, but you won't see him. He likes making the music in the studio, I like making a crowd go wild!
Where can we check out your sounds?
I've got a mixtape online on my soundcloud. It defines me pretty good as a dj! More mixtapes coming early next year.
Every fri/sat I pull an all nighter in my club residency Twister in Groningen and I'm planning to do some live mixing broadcasts on my social platforms in the near future. There is a short movie on youtube of me transitioning from edm to a motown classic which later on transitions back to my fav dance/house, you should check that out! It's filmed pretty badly, but it's about the music, right? ;) Building content hasn't been on my agenda for too long, that's a work in progress.
I'm not going to tell you anything that could harm my family.. ;) But maybe it's good to add that my dj'ing style comes with a big pile of POSITIVE energy. My little secret is not to dj with 'clean edits' but to phase out certain styles of music. The best thing I ever did. Long story short: I'm always maintaining high flow of energy on the floor. Several genres of house as a solid base, with occasional musical trips to other times and edm genres if demanded. Sleek transitions between styles, beats for the masses, hands up dancing and singing. I like happy people!






So the two of us made my idea come to life in the studio. That idea of giving "Alane" a new jacket is years old. Ever since I became a dj – about 2 decades ago - I wanted to do something with the track. I just love the original track by Wes, but it lacks the power for maintaining the energy of the dancefloor in a club, for example. Ronald and I are always on the same page when it comes to music, so the question how to give Alane the energy it needed for maintaining enough energy on a dancefloor with respect for the original was answered rapidly. Along the way it became clear that the bootleg had a certain level of quality. We started walking "the path" to release it on radio, spotify etc. officially. We sought out every step to take and consequently, contact was established. We asked the burning question and one day the answer came back: It was ok, but we've been put on schedule because of several – legit, by the way - reasons. But the track was already finished and it has an undefined sound to it, we think. Maybe you can pin it down? That's why we decided not to wait and release it ourselves. You'll be noticed when quality music is brought to the table, right?

You can read it online here:

Sets with a refreshing commercial feel almost everyone can dance and relate to, blended together to grow or maintain an energetic crowd.

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Last week I did an interview on my Alane bootleg.