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I'm Eric State, and I've been DJ'ing successfully
half my life. My sets are built by all kinds of vocally
supported house music. complemented with some cool,
refreshing throwbacks to ease the ears every
now and then, and let's not forget my favorite:
some jawdropping mashups.
No slow jams. High intensity, happy & feel-
good housemusic. For contact please DM my
socials, a ontactform is being added ASAP.

So my producers and I remixed WES' 1996 hitsingle "Alane" , a thing I wanted to do ever since I became a DJ. After it was finished juli this year, I gave it to a few befriended DJ's for testing, and the reaction oversll is great, so you might hear it in a dutch club every now and then! It is going to be released, but when and how, I don't know. We are currently trying to get it on your favorite streamingservices but that process equals to a lot of patience.
Mobile user?
Try turning your device to landscape mode.
(Or have eyes like a hawk and a killer screen.)
Check back in here sometime or follow my socials below if you want to
be informed quickly!

All the best,